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This is the ultimate place to make work better. Follow a wide variety of courses taught by the world's most progressive organisations. Learn all about new ways of working while connecting to a global community of alumni.

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school for

better business

This is the ultimate place to make work better. Follow a wide variety of courses taught by the world's most progressive organisations. Learn all about new ways of working while connecting to a global community of alumni.

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a workplace revolution

The way we work is outdated. It was created for a stable, slow and predictable world that no longer exists. The world has changed dramatically in the past hundred years, but the way we organise work has remained much the same.

Organisations still rely on hierarchies, bureaucracy, top-down command, tight rules and control. That's not just painfully ineffective—it's also outrageously frustrating. Luckily, there is a better way.

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Building a
Building a
Let’s change the way the world works
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The Corporate Rebels Academy is the best place to learn about progressive ways of working. Learn how to make work better by studying the examples of more than one hundred of the world’s most progressive organisations. Apply now.

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Learn from the best

Learn from pioneers in self-management, supportive leadership, remote working, and purpose. No theoretical bullshit, but practical help to change the way you work.


How the world's largest whitegoods manufacturer unleashed a network of 4,000+ microenterprises.

Morning Star

No bosses, no titles, and no organisational hierarchy. A true pioneer in self-management.


Healthcare organisation with 15,000 employees, 0 managers and sky-high employee engagement.


Financial services company known for its less-is-more management approach.


Known for radically transforming 100+ organisations to self-management.

ner group

A group of highly progressive companies in manufacturing, law, IT, marketing and education.


A bossless consultancy firm with at its core a unique model of highly distributed leadership.


This Mexican IT company has no managers, no titles, no budgets, no top-down structures.


An unusual law firm: distributed ownership, 4-day work weeks, and democratic decisions.

Wildling Shoes

Sustainable footwear company known for successfully pioneering remote work.

Belgian Ministry

Government organisation with self-organisation, radical freedom and supportive leadership.

A word from our alumni

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Make faster decisions, run better meetings, give more powerful feedback, implement self-management, increase transparency, boost freedom and trust. And much more. Learn how to make work seriously better.


  • 01.
    What is the Corporate Rebels Academy?
  • 02.
    What is Corporate Rebels?

    Corporate Rebels is a company, a movement, a blog, a book, and much more. What’s more important is why we do what we do. That’s to make work more fun.

    For more than five years we’ve been visiting and researching more than one hundred of the world’s most progressive organisations to understand how to create better workplaces. We share what we learn on our blog.


  • 03.
    What does the learning environment look like?

    In essence, the self-developed learning platform has two main function:

    • Course content: It’s where you find an overview of the courses you’ve purchased. Plus, the place where you learn through written content, videos, animations, assignments, etc.

    • Community: It’s where you connect with fellow students from around the world. Every individual who purchases a course gets free access to the global community.

  • 04.
    How do I apply?

    To join our cohort-based courses, contact Pauline and let her know:

    • Your full name

    • Company name

    • What you want to get out of the course

    • Invoice details

    On-demand courses can be purchased at any moment. Visit the course page of the course(s) you’d like to follow, purchase online, and automatically gain access to the course content and global community.

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  • 05.
    When do courses take place?

    We provide two types of courses:

    • Cohort-based courses:: These courses are part live, part on-demand. Check out the course page for information on dates, times, and time zones.

    • On-demand courses: These courses take place whenever you want. You pay, get access, and study in your own time.

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    What does it cost?

    Each course has its price. You pay for the course(s) you’d like to follow, and get access to the content for 365 days.

    Plus, each course includes a complimentary community membership for life.

    Check out the individual course pages for more information on pricing for the course(s) you'd like to follow.

  • 07.
    Will I be charged tax?

    Taxes depend on various factors. For information, contact us at and advise us of your country, letting us know if you’re paying as an organisation or an individual, and the course you’d like to follow.

  • 08.
    Do you offer scholarships?

    Yes, we do. In each cohort of the course “Understanding and designing organisational structures” we offer one scholarship for an individual working at a charity or non-profit organisation. If awarded, the tuition rate is €500.

    To apply, email us at: and let us know how you’d use the course to increase impact at your organisation.

  • 09.
    Can I join with my team/client(s)?

    Yes. We also run cohorts exclusively for specific teams or organisations. Some teams prefer to learn together as it helps them to apply the lessons learned as a team. Plus, advisors and consultants have the opportunity to run cohort-based courses with their own clients.

  • 10.
    Can I get the course fee reimbursed by my company?

    Most of our alumni have been reimbursed by their company. To get you started, here's a template you can use to convince your manager.